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Sylvia was born in Czechia in the winter of 1976. In 21 year she for the first time was removed in video for adults, and by 24 years became one of the most known and desired pornostar. Within four years with an enviable constancy she appeared in many films and always surprised the fans. Prior to the beginning of career pornostar Sylvia worked as the secretary at office, but has quickly found in itself new potential and now we can enjoy her beauty completely. The girl with doll face, a huge natural breast and appetizing back, reduced and continues to drive mad many admirers.

Very first jobs Sylvia Saint " the Academy of sex " and has made in 1997 for studio Private where " Private{Individual} life Sylvia Saint " was removed in films, many other things. It has been the same year awarded premiums People's Choice Adult Award 1997 in section opening of year.

Later she also preferred to work with the European studios, with Rokko Siffredy , Christopher Clark and other known directors. For four-year-old career Sylvia has made about 200 films. In 2001 she has successfully married for сzech the businessman and now expects a birth of the child.

Finished career pornomodel Sylvia again with company Private. But all the same in pornocinema she has left the contribution not only there. her best jobs - films " Miss the Sensuality " and " Secret imaginations Rokko 2 " , " White girls with black guys " , and others you can get " Experiment Uranus" at us.

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Exclusive Interview:

Private: acted in film " the Girl on a call " you have got interesting experience?

Silvia: About yes, certainly! This film for me was really event. It was the first teamwork between studios Private and Penthouse and I can safely say, what is it there was a historical event. I feel enough an exclusive actress, in fact I played one of the leading parts in this film.

Private: you liked to work with the director of film Antonio Adamo?

Sylvia: Yes, undoubtedly. He the true professional! A lot of equipment, such big command, statements is So much: It was similarly to Hollywood. And all atmosphere reigned in studio, all was very impressive.

Private: Sylvia, tell a little about yourself how often you are engaged in sex?

Sylvia: every day, working in pornobusiness sex for me is the most usual thing.

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Private: Yes, probably you are right. Other question, actresses who are removed in films for adults usually bi, you too?

Sylvia: No, I getero. Though I have no big problems when I make stages with other girls, but all the same I prefer orgies with participation of men and women, than simply stages where I should be engaged in sex only with girls. As I also have said, I like men more.

Private: Probably you like what that especial men?

Sylvia: No, I would not tell. And the size of a member for me has no special value. If only he was not so big and not so small.

Private: Last time we see you in films with fetish subjects, it is pleasant to you fetish?

Sylvia: About yes, it really raises me. Latex, thorns, a skin, sexual clothes, spin make me sexually anxious.

Private: And as to bondaj?

Sylvia: No, I do not like to be connected, other games like me more

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